Meet Maeka’s Mixer Mods: Toku

Hello, my name is Toku and I like baked goods.

I joined Out of Mana (at the time Gamers Without Labels) what will be three years ago later in 2018.

Sega Genesis was my family’s go-to in my youth and eventually Apogee games on the PC (floppy disks were still a thing and I miss them).

My addiction to gaming hit its zenith with the release of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind as it not only gave me a world I much preferred to the one I was dealing with at the time but also gave me a starting point for writing.

Aside from my love of RPGs, character driven storylines, and an ever increasing love of nostalgia driven game art, I also love singing, take immense pride in my state, a hate/love relation with politics and modern events, classical history, and cats. The only thing I cherish more than anything would be my fiance, Madi (also known as RenaV. on Discord and Mixer), who has allowed me to just be me.

This is Toku, and I still love baked goods.

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